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Robert Guidry:
A Tasty Copywriting Portfolio

Come For the Snacks, stay for Sales


I created a snappy, exciting and hopeful sales page marketing a 3-day intensive for women entrepreneurs. I wanted to capture their struggles and aspirations and identify how this intensive would meet their needs and make them successful.

I created a sense of urgency, that it was time to conquer the beasts of business! I included testimonials and the speaker bios to develop social proof and kept the cadence on their business and how THEY could succeed if they unlocked their potential.

This piece empathizes with their hopes and fears and the awesome leaders running this have the chops to match the promise! 

Parents and students want to take the stress out of the college planning process. I wrote this page to the student so that they would feel respected and that they can and should make their own decisions!

I could have used a clever opening headline, but College Planning Starts Here captures the urgency and represented my client as the place to plan your college experience. It is simple and communicates exactly what College Planning Untangled offers.

The page overcomes objections by pointing to key benefits of a well-planned college experience and maintains a professional, understandable tone. I ensured the text didn't talk down to students or their parents, but provided them hope that there is a better way to plan their careers!

College Planning Untangled_edited.jpg
Don Grothoff.png

Emotionally Sustainable Medical Practice - Direct Response Marketing Campaign

Don is partnering with holistically-minded physicians to improve their patient experience by offering them emotional coaching. This project included three letters and a landing page designed to inform, resonate with and motivate medical providers to offer his services.

We decided on the theme of emotional sustainability because of the current market physicians are in. They have stressed patients who might benefit from this coaching AND will associate these positive changes with their practice.

Key benefits highlighted were: de-stressed patients makes it easier for providers to perform, positive experiences lead to positive referrals and also to patient retention. It also helps their brand by solidifying their holistic approach.

With this project I let Don's story do the talking!


This project included a short, powerful bio and highlighted several of his speeches. I wanted to show how interesting Don is and portray him as an expert on the tools for parenting neurodivergent children. I used his easy-going, compassionate voice to build anticipation for his presentations. 

I used  metaphor to hook the reader into the topics and the clever acronym to show how relatable Don is. He's got a great story and I dove into it to get the audience salivating for more!


With this email campaign, Danielle wanted a crisp and fun email tapping into every parent's desire for their children to succeed. I wanted to present her company as down-to-earth and able to make complicated concepts simpler for children.

My goal was simple, make learning seem fun and achievable with this program. Parents want what is best for their kids: a positive, engaging environment for them to learn.

Wedo CEO Indiana Gregg had me write a feature article about her and her company. She wanted something that didn't simply tell her whole life story, but tracked her development into the FinTech Startup CEO she is now. I used this article to expose what drives Gregg and how she is creating an equitable space for freelance entrepreneurs!

Indiana Gregg.jfif

I wanted to capture the social aspect of reading and how readers love to share their experiences with books. Here, I provide an engaging, easy-to-read and easy-to-respond to message that resonates with avid readers.

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