Copywriting Portfolio

Look at Me!

Clear, Concise Copy That Converts


I created a snappy, exciting and hopeful sales page marketing a 3-day intensive for women entrepreneurs. I wanted to capture their struggles and aspirations and identify how this intensive would meet their needs and make them successful!

This included a short, powerful bio. I wanted to show how interesting Don is and portray him as an expert on the tools for parenting neurodivergent children. I used his easy-going, compassionate voice to build anticipation for his presentations. 


With this email campaign, Danielle wanted a crisp and fun email tapping into every parent's desire for their children to succeed. I wanted to present her company as down-to-earth and able to make complicated concepts simpler for children.

Wedo CEO Indiana Gregg had me write a feature article about her and her company. She wanted something that didn't simply tell her whole life story, but tracked her development into the FinTech Startup CEO she is now. I used this article to expose what drives Gregg and how she is creating an equitable space for freelance entrepreneurs!

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I wanted to capture the social aspect of reading and how readers love to share their experiences with books. Here, I provide an engaging, easy-to-read and easy-to-respond to message that resonates with avid readers.

I wanted to capture the aesthetic appeal of luxury drinkware to the reader. I want them to feel that this product will elevate their living space and make them feel that they are upgrading themselves as well as their home.